Washington has no shortage of charms. Is it any wonder why the Emerald State is one of the top moving destinations in the country?

Census data shows that Washington owes its population growth to sustained inbound migration. People from all over are packing up and settling down in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, and everywhere else in between. Sure, the job market is hot, but the overall quality of life Washington State offers its residents is the biggest draw. Outdoor adventurers will feel especially at home in this scenic state.

Here are five reasons why people are moving to Washington for outdoor adventure.

1.   Washington Has a Diverse Geography

The entire Pacific Northwest’s geography is impressive, but Washington’s landscape is another level of spectacular. Outdoor enthusiasts will never get tired of exploring it.

It has seven diverse geologic regions: Olympic Mountains, North Cascades, Okanogan, Willapa Hills, Puget Lowland, Columbia Basin, Portland Basin, South Cascades, and the Blue Mountains. From rugged mountain peaks to gentle forested slopes, to broad and fertile valleys, and it’s beautiful Pacific coastline, Washington’s landscape has something for everybody.

The South Cascades is one of the seven diverse geological regions. Photo courtesy of andy (jake) jalakas on Flickr.

2.   Washington Has the Best Climate

Washington gets a bad rap for being gloomy and grey, but in reality, it doesn’t even rank in the top 20 of the wettest states in America. But when it rains in Washington, it rains for more extended periods. Instead of torrential downpours that last a few minutes, you’ll have hours of gentle drizzle.

Aside from the drizzles, Washington is blessed with a gloriously temperate and fair climate. Hurricanes, blizzards, flash floods, and tornadoes are incredibly rare. The summers are warm, while the winters average 200 inches of yearly snowfall confined primarily to the mountains. That’s more than enough to enjoy winter sports, but not too much that it can shut down a city.

3.   Washington is Beautiful

Words won’t do it justice. Lush woodlands and rainforests, snow-capped peaks, roaring rivers, open meadows covered with flowers — Washington State is just teeming with places that are considered the most beautiful spots in the world.

Residents won’t have to go out of state and travel far to enjoy the sights. Mt. Rainier is a particular favorite. Not to be outdone are the eerily beautiful waterways like Tipsoo Lake, Myrtle Falls, Colchuk Lake, and the San Juan Islands. There are many more places to explore.

The San Juan Islands offer views of some of WA’s beautiful waterways.

4.   Washington Has a Diverse Wildlife

Lovers of wildlife will find Washington to be an absolute wonderland. All manner of species calls the state’s many forests, parks, and refuges home, like the bald eagles and the great-horned owls. Whales and porpoises are regular visitors in the bays, although they are not easy to spot. Less rare are the river otters, minks, and seals.

Watch out for animals in the wild, like the great-horned owl.

5.   Washington is Great for Outdoor and Extreme Sports

If an adrenaline rush is what you’re after, get your fix in Washington. Go rock-climbing on Mount Rainier, or go on a challenging hike in Mount St. Helens. Go down the coast and catch the massive Pacific Ocean waves. Go scuba or free-diving in dreamy Puget Sound. Windsurf or ride the rapids in the rivers. Bike along the epic trails in forests and parks. Zipline above the thick forest canopies.

Try rock-climbing on Mt. Rainier.

With everything it has to offer, moving to Washington is more than just relocating. It’s answering a call to adventure.

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